Has anxiety stopped you from enjoying your usual activities? If you want to learn tools to manage your anxiety, this program is for you! During this eight week program, you will:

Find Calm: Learn exercises to help manage your anxiety.
Challenge yourself: Challenge thoughts, behaviours and emotions.
Live well: Learn to improve your lifestyle.

Past participants were asked what was the most helpful about this program. They said:

“To relax, do my breathing and listen to myself, what my heart, body and mind is saying and yes, it’s ok to say NO.”

“Making me aware of my contribution to my anxiety, then giving me the tools to manage and understand my anxiety.”

Next session
Tuesday, April 3 from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. for eight weeks.

To register for the next Anxiety to Calm session, contact Rundle Health Centre at 780.479.1533. 

This service is offered at Rundle Health Centre

Services at Rundle Health Centre are available to you if you have a T5W postal code. You do not require a referral. You can either call or walk in to book an appointment.