Mental Health Program

Life’s circumstances sometimes lead us to feel lonely, sad, and disempowered. Good mental health is essential to our physical and emotional wellbeing, and is as important to recognize and treat as any physical ailment.

Edmonton North PCN believes mental health should never be treated with silence. No one deserves to struggle. Edmonton North PCN takes several approaches to help patients recognize mental health issues.

Northgate Location

Our Mental Health programs at Northgate are offered in group therapy sessions and one-on-one therapy sessions and include:

Mental Health Matters

In this class, information will be presented on the signs and symptoms, the different types and triggers for depression, anxiety and stress. You will be guided through the options available for treatment as well.

This class is a great starting point if you are struggling with depression or anxiety. You will learn you are not alone, the symptoms you are having are normal and ways to cope with them.

You will also learn about the other mental health classes we offer at the PCN and if they are right for you.

At the end of this class, the facilitators briefly meet with each participant to assess appropriate next steps. This could be attending a therapy group, seeing a practitioner for an individual assessment or accessing other PCN services.

The PCN offers a number of other Mental Health groups as well:

Assertiveness and Effective Communication

The purpose of this group is to learn more effective ways of communicating needs and desires, but in a way that does not require being aggressive or being taken advantage of. Assertiveness is the ability to communicate opinions, thoughts, needs and feelings in a direct, honest and appropriate manner. Assertiveness involves standing up for your rights in a manner that does not offend others or deny the rights of others.

This is an eight week program and each class is an hour and a half.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Pre-requisite is the Depression or Anxiety Information group)
CBT is based on the assumption that most psychological problems are improved by identifying and changing inaccurate and dysfunctional perceptions, thoughts, and behaviours. People with depression tend to interpret facts negatively, people with anxiety tend to look at the future with apprehension, and those with low self-esteem maximize others’ success and minimize their own. CBT, therefore, trains people to identify and change their unhealthy thinking habits into better alternatives that promote desirable behaviour and eliminate unwanted ones.

This class is an eight-week program and each class is an hour and a half.

Grief Recovery

Grief is an emotional reaction to loss.  There are over 40 different types of losses that we can incur over a lifetime. This group is an action oriented process to help participants understand what grief and unresolved grief are.  Myths and ineffective behaviours will be addressed while taking healing actions to help you preserve your memories without them turning painful.

This class is an eight-week program and each class is two hours.

Mindfulness and Emotions

People come to this group struggling with intense emotions or lack of awareness of their emotions. This group reviews helpful behaviours in response to emotions.

This class is an eight-week program and each class is an hour and a half.


Participants learn, and practice several different types of relaxation techniques. They also learn about stress (good and bad), stress triggers, and what to do about it.

This is a four-week program and each class is one hour.

Rundle Health Centre

Rundle Health Centre offers mental health support in a number of different areas, including depression, stress and anxiety. Mental Health services at Rundle include:

  • Individual, one-on-one appointments
  • Grief Recovery (individual sessions)
  • Groups including: Assertiveness (4 weeks) and Anxiety to Calm (8 weeks)

If you are seeing someone at the Rundle location, please check with them about group options at either Rundle or Northgate.

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