COVID-19 Recovery Clinic at the Edmonton North PCN

When COVID-19 was discovered, it was something the world had never seen before. It spread throughout the world at unprecedented rates, with scientists and medical professionals learning more and more about it everyday.

Over time, it was noticed that those who had COVID-19 were experiencing long term complications due to their diagnosis. As this was not something anyone in the medical community had experienced before, therefore there was not services set up to help those experiencing long term complications.

The Edmonton North PCN has brought together a number of primary care physicians, clinicians and specialists to help treat COVID-19 symptoms that you are still experiencing 10 weeks after receiving your positive test result.

Some examples of persistent symptoms include but are not limited to:

If you are referred to the COVID-19 Recovery Clinic, your first appointment will be with a nurse to go over the symptoms you are experiencing so we can book you with the right support. This could include:

If you have a family doctor, ask them to refer you to the COVID-19 Recovery Clinic at the Edmonton North PCN. If you do not have a family doctor, please give us a call at 780.377.1895 to book an appointment.