Diabetes Management Program

We offer education, monitoring, and self-management skills for better diabetes control. Patients referred to the Diabetes Management Program by their doctors attend group education sessions, or meet with a clinician one-on-one to learn the necessary lifestyle changes to mitigate and manage health risks that accompany diabetes and pre-diabetes, and prevent other health issues.

One-on-one appointments are available at Northgate and at Rundle Health Centre for diabetes management support.

We also offer classes to support you in your journey to manage your diabetes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these classes are offered virtually via Zoom

Living with Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes 

In this class you will learn:

  • what diabetes is
  • how diabetes can be managed
  • the role of medication, food and activity in diabetes management
  • how to explore the emotions that come with having diabetes.

If you are attending Living with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes virtually, you can download the class materials by clicking here.

Healthy Eating to Manage Blood Sugars

In this class you will:

  • learn the role of healthy eating in managing blood sugars.
  • learn how different foods you eat effect on blood sugar levels.

If you are attending Healthy Eating to Manage Blood Sugars virtually, you can download the class materials by clicking here.

After these classes, and with guidance from the facilitator, you can choose to attend nutrition, activity classes or foot care classes or can access other services such as individual care from a pharmacist or nurse or be connected with mental health depending on the patient’s specific needs.

This service is offered at Northgate Centre and Rundle Health Centre

Services at Northgate Centre require a referral from your family doctor, who is a member of the PCN.
Services at Rundle Health Centre are available to you if you have a T5W postal code. You do not require a referral. You can either call or walk in to book an appointment.