Albertans are being asked to step up their physical activity this spring by joining the 4th annual Get Out, Get Active (GOGA) Challenge from April 24 to June 4.

The challenge addresses a physical activity crisis in Alberta and across Canada. Less than 5% of children and 15% of adults are meeting the recommendations in Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines.

GOGA is a free, six week online program for all ages which keeps track of participants physical activities (walking, running, swimming, basketball, cycling, gardening etc.), converts them into steps, which then “virtually” takes them on a health journey.

GOGA started as an Edmonton area challenge and last year had 11 Primary Care Networks participate. This year the interest has grown provincially to include 21 Primary Care Networks.

Participants are encouraged to track and log their activity each day.  They can monitor their progress online to see how far they have gone on their virtual health journey, as well as to see how their overall team is doing.  Over the six weeks, a GOGA character transforms from sick to healthy as more physical activity is done. During the challenge, a pedometer or other step tracking devicecan be used to track physical activity. The online program can also translate time in various activities into the equivalent in steps.

Participants are welcome to challenge coworkers, friends, and family to join the Get Out, Get Active challenge to increase motivation. Participating PCN will be organizing activities including partnerships with community recreation facilities to motivate participants.

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