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About Our Team

We believe the physicians who choose to work in an area where the patient population has more challenges requires a special type of doctor. The same is absolutely true for our PCN team members. If you prefer 'easy' patients, less challenge, and no change; this is not the place for you. However, if you are excited by the opportunity to change how primary care is delivered, want to be a part of new, innovative solutions, are up to the challenge of being heard (not being told) and really, keenly, want to make a difference to those who need it the most....then this just may very well be a place you thrive in.

"I feel more effective as a nurse helping people self-manage chronic diseases within their homes than I ever did nursing the consequences of those very same diseases in the hospital. The PCN gives me the opportunity to educate and assist people within their own environments and avoid the possibility of hospitalization." (Donna, RN)

All Edmonton North team members exhibit the following traits:

  • Belief in, and fully support, our purpose: to work with our family doctors to help build a healthier community.
  • Are customer focused (be it patient, physician or other key stakeholder).
  • Understand our patient population and are prepared to work to their full scope of professional training.
  • Comfortable in an entrepreneurial, dynamic environment.
  • Adapt to change as needed. Programs are evaluated based on tangible results and thus program deliveries evolve and change depending on the needs of our doctors and their patients.
  • Clear and concise at communicating, both verbally and in writing (report writing is an important tool for maintaining clear lines of communication with the referring physician).
  • An effective team player with a willingness to do whatever needs to be done.
  • Enthusiastic with a strong desire to make a difference in primary care.
"With the focused guidance management provides; I am able to grow my unique talents, needs, and personal style. Empowered with this clearer understanding of myself and a fresh outlook on my career, I am taking giant steps every day in making a difference while doing what I love to do. Everyone here is like family and coming to work every day is a joy instead of a chore. This is the best place I have ever worked; I plan on being here a long time." (Chantal, Physician Practice Supports Manager)