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Helping you become healthier

2050_-_258.jpgOur team of healthcare professionals works with you and your doctor to improve your health.

We help you with chronic disease management, mental health struggles, prescription drug use, diet and exercise.

Our team of caring professionals includes mental health practitioners, social workers, nurses, pharmacists, exercise specialists, dietitians and administrative support.

Ask your doctor today about our services

You can access our services, most of them free, through your family doctor. Ask your doctor if our services are right for you. For full descriptions of our programs, please choose which program you wish to know more about on the left hand side.

No shows

It is important for you to attend your appointments. They will help you through your journey to better health. If you are unable to make your appointment, please provide 48 hours notice of a cancellation or change. This will allow us to book someone else in to see someone sooner. Thank you for your co-operation.