Behavioural Health

Behavioural Health The Behavioural Health Consultant (BHC) works with you and your health care team to support you if you are experiencing mental health problems, life stress, motivational issues or other concerns. The BHC has special training in the behavioural management of health issues throughbrief interventions. Together, the BHC and your doctor can consider the […]

Social Work Support

Social Work Support Edmonton North PCN has a Social Worker available to patients who are looking for guidance, information, advocacy, help, counseling and support when applying for and accessing a range of services relating to your needs. Our social worker can help you with: Income Applying for on-going or temporary financial benefits if your income […]

24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring Program Do you ever wonder how your blood pressure responds to your activities throughout the day? Edmonton North PCN offers a 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring program at both Rundle Health Centre and Northgate Centre. Patients attend two appointments, 24 hours apart. In the first, you are fitted with a monitor by […]


Footcare Program Though we often forget about them, taking good care of our feet has many health benefits, especially when living with chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. Edmonton North PCN’s Footcare program puts the spotlight back on feet, assisting patients in a group or individual setting, to take good care of their feet. […]

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services What is healthy eating? Aside from what you eat, healthy eating includes how much you eat, when you eat, and even how and why you eat. Good nutrition and healthy eating habits can maximize your energy levels to help you feel good throughout the day. Eating properly can help manage certain medical conditions […]

Active Living and Exercise Services

Active Living and Exercise Services Active living is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Here at the PCN, we offer a number of different active living and exercise services. Individual Appointments Exercise Specialist InitialA one on one appointment at the PCN with an Exercise Specialist. During this appointment you will discuss your health history, […]


Breathe Better with COPD This program promotes and teaches self-management for those with newly diagnosed, mild to moderate COPD. It’s possible for anyone with COPD to live a healthy and enjoyable life. If you have COPD, you may have to learn new skills and ways to do things. Some of these changes may be minor. […]