If you are a member physician of the Edmonton North PCN, there are two opportunities for you to be involved in leadership positions with the organization. The first is by joining the Board of Directors and the second is a new position for our PCN, Medical Director.

Please read more about the positions available below. If you are looking for more information, ask questions about the positions or view the Board of Directors mandate or the job description for the Medical Director, please contact Dave Ludwick, Executive Director at dludwick@enpcn.com or at 780.377.4065.

Member of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the PCN is a group of member physicians and members of the public who represent the PCN, provide strategic direction for the organization and make decisions in regards to PCN programs and services.

This position is elected by the membership at our upcoming AGM in June. You will be remunerated for your time spent at meetings and any work done on behalf of the PCN.
Medical Director 
The Medical Director is a new position with the Edmonton North PCN. This position was created as the Board of Directors and PCN leadership identified the benefit of having a member physician involved directly for clinical leadership for PCN programming and primary care service delivery.

This position also services as a key link between the PCN and member physicians, with Alberta Health Services programs and stakeholders, as well as with Zone Physician groups such as PCN Provincial Executive Leads. 

The time commitment for the position would be approximately a day a week and is a paid position. The Medical Director would attend Board meetings, work with PCN clinical managers and be a direct connection with the membership in matters that would benefit from physician to physician communication.
I am Interested – How Do I Apply? 
If you are interested in either the Medical Director position or joining the Board of Directors, please send your resume and a cover letter outlining any relevant experience to Dave Ludwick, Executive Director at  dludwick@enpcn.com.
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