Rundle Health Centre is a second location of the Edmonton North PCN, located at 3427 – 118 Ave, in the heart of Beverly and Abbottsfield. While it is part of the PCN, the service model is different.

Rundle Health Centre is open to all patients who have a T5W postal code and they do not require a referral. Patients can call 780.479.1533 and book an appointment to see one of the Behavioural Health Consultants. Patients can also walk-in and book an appointment, even be seen on the spot, if a clinician is available.

You are still able to send a referral to the PCN and the referral will be directed to Rundle Health Centre if they have a T5W postal code and if the reason for referral is something that the healthcare staff at Rundle see for.

Programming here focuses on the following areas: