This year, a considerable increase has been observed when it comes to family violence in Edmonton. This can affect anybody (women, men, children, seniors, LGBTQ2S, etc.). During the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem has grown to due to families spending more time at home, which can trigger conflict.

Alberta ranks third highest in the country when it comes to the highest percentage of women suffering abuse/violence. The idea behind November Purple is to create awareness and knowledge of community resources available for families experiencing domestic violence, both directly and indirectly. Bringing awareness and providing resources will assist in reestablishing consciousness of what a healthy relationship is.

It is important to identify any signs of domestic violence. Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Sexual abuse  
  • Threatens you or your family
  • Puts you down. They attack your capabilities, mental health, looks, or intelligence.
  • Blame you for their violent outbursts.
  • Jealously (e.g. accuse you of having an affair, makes you wear/dress the way they want, etc.)
  • Isolation (cut-off family and friends)
  • Excessive control, especially financial
  • Throw things, kick, spank, bite, pull your hair, beat, hit, strangle, etc.

It is important to not stay silent. You can speak out and take action.

More information, visit

If you are in Edmonton you can call the Family Violence Information Line 24/7 at 780.310.1818 and speak to someone anonymously and in over 170 different languages.

In an emergency, call 911.

Submitted by: Fatima Soares, Social Worker

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