Social Work Support

Edmonton North PCN has a Social Worker available to patients who are looking for guidance, information, advocacy, help, counseling and support when applying for and accessing a range of services relating to your needs. Our social worker can help you with:


  • Applying for on-going or temporary financial benefits if your income does not meet your needs
  • Looking for courses on financial literacy to help you build essential money management skills


  • Applying for financial and health benefits if you have a permanent and substantial mental or physical disability that limits your ability to work
  • Finding supported independent living or shared residential living if you have a mental or physical disability

Food & Clothing

  • Providing information on where and how to access food hampers and community meals to meet your short term food needs
  • Offering resources for food services and programs to support you in stretching your food budget
  • Assistance in applying for limited and short term relief for small household goods, personal hygiene items, clothing and work boots

Housing & Shelter

  • Supporting you in finding emergency shelters and short term housing if you are who are homeless or have an urgent need for safe housing
  • Supporting you in finding permanent housing programs if you are low income
  • Offering resources for seniors struggling with compulsive hoarding or are looking to downsize and/ or relocate

 Career & Education

  • Providing information on where to apply for jobs and job placements
  • Coaching if you are looking for work, changing careers paths or planning for retirement
  • Information and training on searching for work, resume and cover letter development, interview technique, computer skills, career planning, understanding and managing conflict, change management and career transitions
  • Offering options for financial assistance to support full or part time studies (including apprenticeships) if you are looking for work, wanting to upgrade or to change careers


  • Immigration and government issues, referrals and applications
  • Information on translation services and English language courses
  • Orientation and linkage to healthcare, housing, income support, food, transportation, recreation, employment and education systems and services
  • Mentorship and introductions to Canadian ways, norms, values and history along with the local community


  • Offering options for financial assistance for purchasing medical equipment and supplies needed to maintain independent living
  • Providing information on prescription drugs, optical services, emergency ambulance, diabetic supplies, psychological services, home nursing care, prosthetic and orthotic benefits, mastectomy prosthesis and hospital accommodation not covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan if you have low income and are without supplemental insurance
  • Information, education and services on reproductive and sexual health and parenting

Abuse and domestic violence

  • Information on abuse, domestic violence and safety planning if you are a victim of abuse
  • Individual counseling, group programs and other services for you if you have been the victim of or have been exposed to abuse
  • Individual counseling and group programs for you if you have been abusive to others and would like help


  • Providing options on legal advice and representation for landlord-tenant, immigration, human rights, employment, debt, financial support or small claims issues if you are low income
  • Informational resources and public education sessions on common legal problems


  • Information on recreational programs, events and services
  • Assistance applying for access to recreation facilities and attractions if you are low income

If you have an appointment with our Social Worker, please bring the following with you:

  • 2 forms of identification (at least 1 with your current address on)
  • Income tax (Notice of assessment for previous tax year)
  • Social insurance number
  • Record of landing (if applicable, must be within 10 years)
  • Last 3 months paystubs or bank statements
  • List of medications (for 12 months)


If you are looking for access to applications for different supports Albertan’s have access to, please see below for the links:

This service is offered at Edmonton Community Health Hub North and Rundle Health Centre

Services at the Edmonton Community Health Hub North require a referral from your family doctor, who is a member of the PCN.
Services at Rundle Health Centre are available to you if you have a T5W, T5A or T5Y postal code. You do not require a referral. You can either call or walk in to book an appointment.