Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it created so much change in everyone’s lives. How we work, how we go to school, how we interact with one another and how we receive healthcare are just some of the things that have changed.

Your doctor also changed how appointments are done. When you would have gone into the doctors office for a health concern, we were now seeing our doctors via video, or over the phone. Doctor’s offices quickly changed their practice to make it safe for you to come in, if need be. This meant installing barriers, requiring masks for both doctors and patients, physical distancing, wearing other PPE and frequent hand washing and sanitizing practices throughout the clinic.

This also saw some people not contact their family doctor with health concerns they previously would have. As we are now 10 months into the pandemic, we have seen the negative effects of people not seeing their family doctor when health concerns arise.

Your family doctor’s office has adapted to allow for appointments either virtually or over the phone. If you need to go into the office, their offices are safe.

Delaying care could cause bigger issues in the long run and your family doctor is still here for you!

It is also important to connect with your family doctor if you tested positive for COVID-19. They can give you advice and guidance on how to manage any symptoms you may have while isolating.

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