When COVID-19 numbers began to rise back in November, the province announced additional restrictions, including those who could work from home, should do so. With this announcement, a number of PCN services shifted to virtual, meaning appointments were being held over the phone or video conferencing.

Some appointments are not able to be done virtually, like for our on-site specialists so some will continue to be offered in person. When your appointment is booked, you will be informed if the appointment will be held virtually or in person.

If your appointment is in person at either our Northgate location or Rundle Health Centre, we have a number of protocols in place to ensure your safety while at the office. This includes: continuous masking, frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing, physical distancing and barriers in place.

We are also offering all of our groups virtually and a physician referral is not needed. You are also able to join groups offered by other PCNs across Edmonton without a physician referral. If you would like to see the classes offered by the Edmonton North PCN, you can click here. You can also visit the Edmonton Zone Classes page to see other classes offered from other PCNs.

If you have any questions about seeing someone virtually or protocols in place to keep you safe during an in-person appointment, please speak with your clinician or staff who is booking your appointment

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